Hey Mom!

What if stepping into your next chapter with your teen didn’t have to feel like the end …
but just the beginning…
The beginning of a fabulous new one…


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Your style is an expression of your values and preferences and is an extension of you.

Turn your real life experiences into a thriving next Chapter!

Welcome Friend,

I'm Kim Mittelstadt, Wife, Mom, Image Consultant & Certified Life Coach specializing in Mother/Daughter relationships. I have dedicated over 35 year in the image and beauty industry offering my clients a truly magical transformational experience by learning how to love the person in the mirror.

My goal is to enhance the lives of both mother and daughter so they can feel relevant and significant in their life and relationship and develop a healthy, sustainable relationship without losing themselves in the process.


I believes when you learn to truly love yourself and let go of others expectations only then do you hold the blueprints to live a happy, healthy life. 

Nothing compares to the joy I feel when I help my clients discover and embrace their true love of self.”

Whatever your age, It’s your time to step out of the shadows and into your next chapter and magnetically attract the life you deserve.


Become visible and unstuck!

Recover your identity!

Become the leading role in your life!

Set Healthy 


Navigate your life with confidence

Thank you doesn't even begin to cover it. You have no idea what you have done for me. You gave me something no one else could. Confidence, and for that I am truly grateful.


Thank you for all the love and consideration you showed me during my consultation.  I have totally embraced my true self. You gave me the greatest feeling a woman can have "I am beautiful!"


Thank you for all you do! By the way, I mentioned you to Sarah's Dr. today.  There are many young ladies that could use your program, and I think your team is doing an awesome job.



Become Inspired!  Become Visible!  Become YOU!

  • Identify your passion path and purpose.

  • Master the power of your 5 STAR Unique  Style Blueprint

  • Breakthrough your style and self image road blocks.

  • Quiet your inner critic.

  • Develop healthy boundaries.

  • Communicate with true confidence from the inside out!

  • Become unapologetically present and learn to value yourself too.

  • Create the life you want with clarity and confidence.

  • Discover & embrace you...your beautiful, magical self!

Be Heard!


              your image is talking...

You style and image sends a clear message to everyone you meet. Learn how to confidently communicate what you want the other person to hear that reflects your true personality.

Be Seen!

As diverse as women and girls are, we all want the same thing: to feel beautiful and confident.

Your image isn’t just about your first impression, its a mindset that expresses on the outside how you feel on the inside.

Be Dazzling!

One of the most important attributes you can have is confidence and your 5 STAR Signature Style Blueprint is unique to you.

Develop yourself to your full potential so you can step out of the shadow and into your spotlight…and shine!

Confident Woman

Midlife Styling

Turn your real life experiences into a thriving next Chapter!

Teen Image

Confident girls


empowered women...

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