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I think we can all agree that we all want the best for our daughters. Problems generally arise, when in spite of our best efforts they struggle as they try to gain more freedoms, want to have a voice but don’t always know how to express themselves.


Moms get exasperated and daughters feel angry and those feelings begin to shape and define the relationship.


The resulting stress and tension are not what either mother or daughter want or intend, but neither the parents nor the daughter knows how to change the dynamic and the tension grows.

What if you knew you could:

  • help your daughter embrace their beautiful self and help them develop their self esteem so they would be empowered. 

  • have conversations that would enable both of you to be able to listen and speak comfortably creating a deeper long term bond.

  • help her with her fears that she can’t fix alone.


Understanding the 3 stages of parenting and know how to communicate with each other can open the pathway to a positive, healthy, sustainable relationship through the teen years and into adult hood.

What if you had the resources to help your daughter reach their highest potential and feel confident and prepared to succeed.


We were someones daughter before we became moms.


Our experiences, good and bad have influenced us on how we act, re-act and communicate with our daughters. 


Experiences that significantly impacted us in our childhood are what guide most of our parenting decisions. 

The Time to Thrive program provides Authentic self awareness for both mother and daughter so you both can really begin to understand and create a healthy, sustainable relationship.

'want to connect with my daughter and build a healthy sustainable relationship.

Our Poised 4 Success programs focus on guiding young ladies in grades 6th - 12th to becoming confident and successful individuals. They will learn techniques on ways to maximize their potential and embrace who they were born into this world to be.  Poised 4 Success covers both internal and external components of self-image and promotes the principle of authenticity as the true foundation for self-confidence.  


Internal components of self image include - 


  • Dramatically increase self confidence

  • Develop and enhance communication skills

  • Develop techniques to gain control over attitude

  • Improve relationships

  • Manage stress

  • love themselves even when they are alone

  • Gain a “success” mindset


External components of self image include - 


  • Goal Setting - Passion, Path and Purpose

  • Posture and Poise 

  • Developing Personal Style

  • Hairstyling

  • Skincare 

Upon completion your daughters will gain the knowledge to:

  • Have better school attendance

  • Attract positive opportunities and friendships

  • Trust parents more

  • Own a winning visual presentation

  • Set goals

  • Dramatically increase self confidence

  • Develop and enhance communication skills

  • Develop skills to gain control over emotions and atittudes

  • Create a wardrobe that enhances their personality

  • Love themselves even when they are alone

  • Gain a success mindset

 Outer image + internal mindset = complete harmony resulting in happiness, wellness, and success.

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